Web Design

Our main focus is to deliver simple, clear and user-friendly web site layout design. The reason behind it is simply to make it easy for human visitors and search engine to gather important information from the web site. Utilizing animation or graphic is in effective and efficient manner. We prefer web standard design on every project we work on. Web standards ensure valid, structured code to produce pages that will look great on modern browsers yet still functional and useable on older ones.

Utilizing web standards leads to real results:

  • Decreased bandwidth and server space
  • Improved accessibility to all browsers and devices (including those with disabilities)
  • Increased separation of presentation layer code from content
  • Simplified updating of look and feel
  • Faster page loading
  • Lower costs

Web Programming

Addressing the needs of interactive, dynamic and user-query-dependent web site rather than just simply static web site will require web programming. In most cases, even a simple web site that built for marketing purpose and not handling a business process will call for self updating by the owner or to have an interaction with the visitors to allow them to get the content based on their inquiries; this is when the web programming takes place.

Various development technologies such as web programming language (PHP, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS) and database (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL) are employed.

Web Content Writing

In every web development process, we always consider accurate wording both for human visitor and search engine is very important. Our English native speaker technical writers make certain that your web site content adhere to correct written English standard. Following it, our search engine optimization experts will enhance the text furthermore to stick to the calculation of search engine complex algorithm to generate search engine friendly contents.

Web Marketing

To generate relatively high traffic in a new website is like a nightmare for some webmasters. There are many ways to attract many visitors to visit a website, and one of the most efficient one is being listed in major organic search engine such as Google or Yahoo! Web.

Our years working experience as a web developer, webmaster as well as search engine optimization consultants will help you in building an Internet marketing aware web site since the beginning of design phase until it is live on the Internet. We start with helping clients to purchase domain name, building contents, selecting reliable and can be accessed fast from overseas until the final implementation of a live Internet web site.

Our practice always holds on to the guidelines written by all major search engines. We strongly discourage the unfair or cheated practice that is highly prohibited by major search engine. Cheating on search engine will result in long time ban and your web site might never be listed anymore on the search engine. Rather than cheating we prefer to help our clients to build contents useful that offer something valuable to the Internet community.

Web Maintenance

Continuing our web design services, we provide outsourced web maintenance service. Many clients prefer this kind of exhausted work to be done by third party like us. Technical support via phone and email will guarantee your web site is updated and up. This service includes content update, technical consultation, web site management and web mastering. On-site support is also available with hourly fee and accommodation paid by clients if required.