SCUBA Dive Log

SCUBA diving log
Erwin Kodiat (
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

As an active divers, Erwin Kodiat logged hundred of dives every year while he dove many beautiful premiere dive sites across Indonesia such as Bunaken, Lembeh, Bangka in North Sulawesi, Bira Cape and Selayar Island in South Sulawesi and Gili Trawangan and Gili Air in Lombok and various dive sites in Komodo area. He uses traditional paper log book to track his dive activities. He wanted to publish his log book to the Internet and tried to do some research on the best online dive log applications both paid services or free one. He came up with one free service affiliated with a very big online book store and try to use it for quite some time. However, the more he used it, the more he found many things required can not be addressed by that service. It is free, anyway, how can you expect it will fit all your requirements, he thought.

Then he came to a decision that he should develop his own dive log applications. Aside from being an active SCUBA diver and instructor, he is, in fact, a web developer in the daily life. Extensively using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, the web applications was developed from scratch.

Initially it had only list and detail of all dives just like a traditional paper log book. He also built the administration interface behind to make it easy to log the dive or update the dive log any time. Later on, the features of this web site were added from time to time, like the summarized experience which allow visitors to review statistical data of total dives, total bottom time, first dive date, latest dive date, Nitrox dives, night dives, deep dives, deepest dive depth, coldest dive temperature. One report displays aggregated number of dives classified per country, area, site and point while other displays one classified per buddy, divemaster and instructor. The last one being developed was underwater pictures gallery of all marine life he has encountered in his dives and integrated into the dive log.